Recommended Calling Cards for Winnipeg, Manitoba

Calling cards are a great way to make cheap international calls to Winnipeg from anywhere in the world.

In most countries, calling cards rates are dramatically lower than per minute rates found in regular mobile and landline phone plans.

However, buying the right phone card can be confusing. That's mostly because complicated pricing and hidden fees make it hard to know how many minutes you are actually going to get. Too often, your actual minutes are far less than you were expecting.

But we've done some in-depth analysis to help point you in the right direction. Based on our research, we recommend several calling cards companies for calls to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Cheap Winnipeg calling cards

Recommended Providers

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Our recommendations are based on detailed analysis of each company. The main points are that these phone card companies all have excellent reputations, state their fees clearly, and have live customer support, among other good things. That said, cards vary widely and you should shop carefully to find the card that best meets your needs.

For more information on calling cards, please visit our sister site, sells cheap calling cards for calling Winnipeg and other cities in Canada. Their pricing is very clean and simple with few extra fees. They offer great advanced dialing features (like PIN-less dialing) and excellent 24/7 customer support. Pingo is the retail arm of iBasis, one of the world's largest international VoIP carriers. Because they carry their own traffic, they are able to offer higher call quality and better technical support than many other companies.

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Buy a cheap phone card from Comfi, a well known distributor that sells phone cards for several telephone companies. Comfi also sell other services, like internet calling and web tele-conferencing.

Detailed review

Back to top sells several excellent international calling cards to call Winnipeg. pricing is clear and they offer great features (like PIN-less dialing) and 24/7 customer support.

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Back to top markets several good phone cards for dialing Winnipeg. Their website is easy to use and states all rates and charges clearly.

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ClonCom sells several special-rate phone cards to phone major India cities such as Winnipeg. Their well-designed website makes all charges and fees very clear. Cloncom is a telecom provider that sells and fulfills its own cards.

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